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Former Greenbrier East Wrestler Saves Woman Flooded In Car


Philippi, W.Va. – Josiah Solak, a sophomore from Lewisburg, W.Va. and member of the Alderson Broaddus wrestling team, was a hero during the flooding that took place in the southern parts of West Virginia last week.

As the flooding began to worsen, Josiah and his father rescued a woman who was trapped in her car as it was being carried away by the water. They proceeded by taking her to a nearby tree while Josiah held her for nearly five hours.

The woman that was saved wanted to give up a number of times but Josiah stayed positive the entire time and would not give up even when the situation was getting extremely tough.

During the flooding, the Solak’s home was damaged and both Josiah and brother Davis Solak, who is also a member of the AB wrestling team, lost all of their clothing.



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