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2019 WV Prep Football Schedule

by Staff Reporter

RSN Sports wishes to thank Ed Forshey of Parkerburg for assembling and providing the individual team schedules used to present our weekly match ups.

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Wesbanco of Charleston – Huntington

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Week Eight


Class AAA

University @ Buckhannon-Upshur

Cabell Midland @ Woodrow Wilson

Capital @ Huntington

GW      OPEN

Greenbrier East @ Ripley

Hampshire County @ (AA) Berkeley Springs

Hedgesville     OPEN

Hurricane @ Parkersburg

Jefferson @ South Hagerstown,  MD

Brooke @ John Marshall

Martinsburg @ Salem, VA

Parkersburg South @ Morgantown

Wheeling Park @ Musselman

Washington @ Preston County

Princeton @ (AA) James Monroe

South Charleston @ Riverside

Spring Mills @ Albert Gallatin, PA

Spring Valley @ Saint Albans

Class AA

(AAA) Hampshire County @ Berkeley Springs

Bluefield @ Tazwell, VA

Braxton County @ Grafton

Bridgeport @ Elkins

Wayne @ Chapmanville

Clay County @ Lincoln County

East Fairmont @ Liberty Harrison

R.C. Byrd @ Fairmont Senior

Frankfort @ Petersburg

Herbert Hoover     OPEN
Independence @ Liberty Raleigh

(AAA) Princeton @ James Monroe

Allegany, MD @ Keyser

Lewis County @ North Marion

Lincoln @ Roane County

Logan      OPEN

Wyoming East @ Man

Mingo Central @ Scott

Nicholas County     OPEN

Nitro         OPEN

Oak Glen @ Harrison Central, OH

Oak Hill @ Shady Spring

Philip Barbour     OPEN

Pikeview     OPEN

Poca         OPEN

Louisville, OH @ Point Pleasant

River View @ Tiwn Valley, VA

Sissonville @ Winfield

Weir @ Edison Local, OH

Westside     OPEN

Class A

Buffalo @ Tolsia

Gilmer County @ Calhoun County

Clay Battelle @ Cameron

Doddridge County @ Ravenswood

Moorefield @ East Hardy

Greenbrier West @ Richwood

Hannan @ Wirt County

Hancock, MD @ Hundred

Toronto, OH @ Weirton Madonna

Magnolia @ Saint Marys

Meadow Bridge @ Summers County

Midland Trail     OPEN

Montcalm @ Rural Retreat, VA

Tug Valley @ Mount View

Paden City    OPEN

Pocahontas County   OPEN

Webster County @ Ritchie County

Sherman @ Van

South Harrison @ Tygarts Valley

Tucker County @ Southern Garrett, MD

Williamstown @ Tyler Consolidated

Frontier, OH @ Valley Wetzel

Wahama @ South Gallia, OH

Wheeling Central @ Martins Ferry, OH

Linsly of Wheeling @ Kiski Prep, PA


Morgantown Trinity @ Steubenville Catholic, OH

Week Nine


Class AAA

Buckhannon-Upshur @ Brooke

Cabell Midland @ Huntington

Woodrow Wilson @ Capital

GW @ Riverside

Greenbrier East @ Parkersburg South

Hampshire County @ (AA) Frankfort

Hedgesville @ North Hagerstown, MD

Hurricane @ South Charleston

Jefferson @ Martinsburg

Morgantown @ John Marshall

Musselman @ Washington

Spring Mills @ Parkersburg

University @ Preston County

Ripley @ Princeton

Spring Valley    OPEN
Saint Albans     OPEN

Wheeling Park @ (AA) Elkins

Class AA

Berkeley Springs @ East Fairmont

Bluefield @ Oak Hill

Braxton County @ Shady Spring

Keyser @ Bridgeport

Chapmanville @ Logan

Clay County     OPEN
(AAA) Wheeling Park @ Elkins

Lewis County @ Fairmont Senior

(AAA) Hampshire County @ Frankfort

Grafton @ R.C. Byrd

Herbert Hoover @ Mingo Central

Independence @ Nicholas County

Liberty Raleigh @ James Monroe

Liberty Harrison @ Lincoln

Man @ Point Pleasant

Nitro @ Winfield

Philip Barbour @ North Marion

Pikeview @ Wyoming East

Scott @ Poca

River View @ Westside

Roane County @ (A) Ravenswood

Wayne @ Sissonville

East Liverpool, OH @ Weir


Oak Glen @ Lincoln County

Class A

Midland Trail @ Buffalo

Calhoun County    OPEN

Beallsville, OH @ Cameron

Clay Battelle @ Conotton Valley, OH

Valley Wetzel @ Doddridge County

East Hardy @ Pendleton County

Tucker County @ Gilmer County

Greenbrier West @ Sherman

Hannan @ Van

Hundred    OPEN

Magnolia @ Tyler Consolidated

Meadow Bridge @ Montcalm

Moorefield @ (AA) Petersburg

Mount View @ Tolsia

Hancock, MD @ Paden City

Williamstown @ Parkersburg Catholic

Summers County @ Pocahontas County

(AA) Roane County @ Ravenswood

Richwood @ Tug Valley

Wirt County @ Ritchie County

South Harrison @ Saint Marys

Tygarts Valley @ Morgantown Trinity

Wahama     OPEN

Webster County    OPEN


Steubenville Catholic, OH @ Weirton Madonna

Paul Charter International D.C. @ Wheeling Central

Western Reserve Academy, OH @ Wheeling Linsly

 Week Ten

Class AAA


Brooke @ Weir

Preston County @ Buckhannon-Upshur

Cabell Midland    OPEN

Riverside @ Capital

Woodrow Wilson @ GW

Princeton @ Greenbrier East

Washington @ Hampshire County

Hedgesville @ Jefferson

Huntington @ Parkersburg

Hurricane    OPEN

John Marshall @ Warren Local, OH

Martinsburg @ Musselman

Parkersburg South @ Wheeling Park

Ripley @ (AA) Point Pleasant

South Charleston @ Saint Albans

Spring Mills @ North Hagerstown, MD

Ashland Paul Blazer, KY @ Spring Valley

Morgantown @ University

Class AA

Clear Springs, MD @ Berkeley Springs

James Monroe @ Bluefield

Braxton County    OPEN

Bridgeport      OPEN

Mingo Central @ Chapmanville

Pikeview @ Clay County

East Fairmont @ Lewis County

Elkins @ Fairmont Senior

Frankfort      OPEN

Oak Glen @ Grafton

Poca @ Herbert Hoover

Wyoming East @ Independence

Mount Ridge, MD @ Keyser

Liberty Harrison @ Roane County

Shady Spring @ Liberty Raleigh

Philip Barbour @ Lincoln

Lincoln County     OPEN

Logan @ Wayne

Nicholas County @ Westside

Sissonville @ Nitro

North Marion @ R.C. Byrd

Oak Hill      OPEN

Petersburg @ (A) Tucker County

(AAA) Ripley @ Point Pleasant

River View      OPEN

Winfield @ Scott

(AAA) Brooke @ Weir

Class A


Saint Clairsville, OH @ Wheeling Central


Buffalo @ Van

Calhoun County @ Meadow Bridge

Bridgeport, OH @ Cameron

Massanutten Academy, VA @ Clay Battelle

Doddridge County @ Williamstown

Morgantown Trinity @ East Hardy

Ritchie County @ Gilmer County

Midland Trail @ Greenbrier West

Mount View @ Hannan

Hundred @ Montcalm

Conotton Valley, OH @ Weirton Madonna

Pendleton County @ Moorefield

Paden City @ Beallsville, OH

Webster County @ Parkersburg Catholic

Pocahontas County @ Tygarts Valley

Saint Marys @ Ravenswood

Summers County @ Richwood

Sherman @ South Harrison

Tolsia @ Phelps, KY

(AA) Petersburg @ Tucker County

Tyler Consolidated @ Valley Wetzel

Trimble, OH @ Wahama

Wirt County     OPEN

Wheeling Linsly @ Steubenville, OH

Week Eleven


Class AAA

Preston County @ Brooke

Buckhannon-Upshur @ (AA) Elkins

Cabell Midland @ South Charleston

Capital @ GW

Greenbrier East @ Riverside

Hampshire County    OPEN
Hedgesville @ Spring Mills

Spring Valley @ Huntington

Saint Albans @  Hurricane

Wheeling Park @ John Marshall

Martinsburg    OPEN
Morgantown  OPEN
Musselman    OPEN

Parkersburg @ Parkersburg South

Princeton @ (AA) Nicholas County

(A). Ravenswood @ Ripley

University     OPEN

Jefferson @ Washington

Woodrow Wilson @ (AA) Bluefield

Class AA

Berkeley Springs @ (A) Pendleton County

(AAA) Woodrow Wilson @ Bluefield

Braxton County @ Clay County

Philip Barbour @ Bridgeport

Man @ Chapmanville

Fairmont Senior @ East Fairmont

(AAA) Buckhannon-Upshur @ Elkins

Frankfort @ Keyser

Grafton @ Lewis County

Logan @ Herbert Hoover

Independence   OPEN

Point Pleasant @ James Monroe

North Marion @ Liberty Harrison

Liberty Raleigh @ Wyoming East

Lincoln @ R.C. Byrd

(A). Sherman @ Lincoln County

Mingo Central @ Winfield

(AAA) Princeton @ Nicholas County

Scott @ Nitro

Oak Glen     OPEN

(A). East Hardy @ Petersburg

Westside @ Oak Hill

River View @ Pikeview

Poca @ Wayne

Roane County @ Sissonville

Shady Spring     OPEN

Weir     OPEN

Class A

Wahama @ Buffalo

Ritchie County @ Calhoun County

Cameron    OPEN
Clay Battelle @ Hundred

Doddridge County @ Tygarts Valley

East Hardy @ (AA) Petersburg

Gilmer County @ Meadow Bridge

Mount View @ Greenbrier West

Tolsia @ Hannan

Weirton Madonna     OPEN

Magnolia @ Wheeling Central

Pocahontas County @ Midland Trail

Montcalm @ Webster County

Moorefield    OPEN
Valley Wetzel @ Paden City

(AA) Berkeley Springs @ Pendleton County

Ravenswood @ (AAA) Ripley

Van @ Richwood

Sherman @ (AA) Lincoln County

South Harrison @ Tucker County

Tyler Consolidated @ Saint Marys

Summers County   OPEN

Williamstown    OPEN

Morgantown Trinity @ Wirt County

Wheeling Linsly    OPEN

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