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What Will Happen to the Big XII?

by David Kravetz


Discussion in ‘OUFans.com Sooner Message Board‘ started by SchmidtyNole, Sunday at 10:49 AM.

This may be a long post but I’ll go with it anyway. First off, at the current time FSU fans in general are very happy in the ACC and hope to be here for a long time now that we have the ACC Network upcoming and we have Notre Dame and other locked in with the Grant of Rights going through 2036.

The thing I wanted to discuss is how we got here. Back in May 2012 there was a lot of unrest in Nole Nation. The ACC was fifth in College Football in annual TV Revenue and FSU’s athletic department was running a deficit in spite of our overall success in athletics. We all wanted to go to the Big 12. There was definitely some flirting going on between FSU/Clemson and the Big 12 although I have no idea how serious it got. But had the Big 12 made a formal invite to FSU/Clemson back then there would definitely have been some serious talks going on. Now, there is zero chance that happens. It just shows you how quickly things can change.

So that leads me to the Big 12. Choosing to expand the way they are is the right move. But the Big 12 faces a conundrum on WHO to invite and HOW MANY to invite. In spite of what is said there are some good prospects out there. There just aren’t any out there that are currently in Power 5 conferences. I think Houston, BYU, and Cincinnati’s potential as athletic program. UCF has a lot of potential too even though they went 0-12 last season. They won the Fiesta Bowl as recently as 2013 and they would open up the Florida TV market as well as the Florida geographic area for recruiting.

But even with that, I think the Big 12 as a whole is in trouble. But I don’t think it hurts schools like Oklahoma and Texas although it would hurt the others. The reason I think the Big 12 is in trouble is because if the SEC, ACC, Big 10 or Pac 12 decided to expand again they would obviously come after Oklahoma and Texas and I don’t see how Oklahoma and Texas wouldn’t seriously consider leaving. I know for a fact that IF Notre Dame ever decides to join the ACC Full Time the ACC will need a 16th team and Oklahoma or Texas would get the first invite as the 16th ACC Team. And in that scenario a boatload of money would be made in the ACC. But as of right now I am aware that all of this is speculative.

Anyway, what are you guys’ thoughts on what I mentioned as well as what you think the future of the Big 12 is?



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