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Saints Stay Committed to West Virginia and The Greenbrier


Saints Greenbrier

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It was only logical to expect the New Orleans Saints to find a new home for their annual spring training camp which is also held at the Greenbrier. On June 24th NBCSports reported the Saints would possibly be staying in Louisiana for spring training this summer due to the heavy flooding in White Sulphur Springs. This report was based in part due to the press release from the Greenbrier stating the facility would be closed “until further notice”.
However, the Saints released the following statement Monday evening:

Plans remain to conduct training camp starting on July 27 at The Greenbrier

On behalf of our entire organization, we wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the West Virginians whose lives have been dramatically affected by the severe flooding the state has recently received. Unfortunately, our community is very familiar with the loss of life and property these weather disasters can cause and we are working to assist those affected, where we can.



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