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A Mother’s Message

by Staff Reporter

The mother of late Wayne High’s Colt Adams conveys a heartfelt message to the family and community of Alex Miller of Roane County.

From the unedited words of Rhonda Adams….

When I heard the heartbreaking news of Alex Miller collapsing during the game Friday night, my mind immediately drifted back to the moment on May 28th when everything in my life changed. Back to the morning my precious son, Colt Adams, was killed in a car accident on his way to school. I just kept thinking NO!!!!! I don’t want another family and community to feel this pain!!!

Alex Miller’s player banner hangs at Roane County High.

I don’t know Alex’s family or even one single person in the Roane community, but I feel like I know them and my heart immediately broke for everyone who loved him. Things like this aren’t supposed to happen to good kids like Alex and Colt, who have wonderful, bright futures ahead of them. It’s just not fair!!!

I wish I had some magical words of wisdom for Alex’s family and the entire Roane community that would help wipe away their tears and stop the deepest hurt they’ve ever felt. Although, I can’t stop the unimaginable pain they are experiencing I can do two things……I can love them and pray for them every day.

You see, here in West Virginia when one community hurts we all hurt. After Colt’s accident, I was simply blown away by the enormous outpouring of love shown to my family and the Wayne community from so many small towns across our amazing state and many other areas. Now it’s time for Wayne County to return the favor. Please know so many people here are praying for you guys! Our community is joining in and wearing maroon today for your sweet Alex. My 9 year old daughter picked out her shirt last night and said “Mom I have to wear maroon for Alex tomorrow because everyone loved him just like they loved Colt.”

I read these words not long after I lost Colt and it really made me think…. Only those who have loved greatly will grieve greatly. And the love that has brought them grief will also bring consolation.

After I read this, a thought crossed my mind. What if 16 years ago God would’ve given me two choices.
Choice #1- Never have Colt in my life and therefore never experience the nightmare of losing him.
Choice #2- Only get to love and be loved by Colt for 16 short years and then lose him.

Colt Adams’ sisters and mother stand with his jersey before the 2019 season.
His 9 year old sister clearly still recovering from the accident.

My answer was almost immediate. I will always choose #2. Even though my heart is completely broken and my grief unmeasurable. I had the privilege of loving and being loved by the most amazing young man for 16 years and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.
Love is always greater than grief.


So I’d like to leave Alex’s family, friends, and football brothers with one last thought. Although nothing makes sense right now and I know how angry, hurt and confused you are please remember Alex’s beautiful smile and all the wonderful things you loved about him. Don’t let this destroy the love inside you. Try your best to live each day to the fullest because like Colt, Alex doesn’t have that privilege anymore. Those are the things I tell myself everyday when I don’t think I can make it through this nightmare. But I’ve decided I will honor my son every day by showing kindness and love. Colt loved with all his heart and my love for him makes me want to do the same. I love you Roane County and together we can all make it through this.

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