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The 25 Coolest Minor League Ballparks in America

Here’s what you like about baseball: beer, food, and a chance to cop a feel in the stands. Only problem? Here’s what you don’t like: upwards of $2,000 for one ticket—ONE TICKET—at major league games (don’t even get us started on $12 beers). The solution? Minor league ball. The grass, the open air, the crack of the bat, the old fart sitting next to you whining about “the gloves are too big nowadays!”, the young fart sitting next to you whining about “wins are a meaningless stat!”—everything’s the same as an MLB game, it’s just about a thousand times more low key and a million times less expensive. You don’t even have to leave the city (well, not in New York or Philly) to go to one. Let us put you onto the best, the Coolest Minor League Ballparks in America.

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